Avengers Infinity War Marvel Legends 2-packs

Man, what is going on with Thor’s eye?  Yesterday’s promo pics have it back in and the new Toys R Us Exclusive 3-pack has it missing.  I guess well have to wait until the movie to find out.I prefer the cape less, bare armed pirate Thor anyway.    The rest of the Toys R Us exclusive 3-pack will be Teen Groot and Rocket Raccoon.  Fans should be excited to get a completely new Groot sculpt.    The Marvel Legends Thor/Rocket Raccoon/Groot three-pack is a Toys R Us exclusive with an street date of 6/1/2018 for $49.99 

Nest up we have the Vision and Scarlet Witch two-pack.  These have been shown before and are already in some lucky collector’s hands.  I am just glad we are finally getting a MCU Vision.   Vision and Scarlet Witch–the $39.99 Toys R Us exclusive set has a street date of 3/3/2018–(along with the rest of the Infinity War toys)

Finally, we have the Winter Soldier and Falcon two-pack.  The toy was first seen on Good Morning America and fans quicky noticed what Sabastian Stan was holding.   He later confirmed the figure on his Instagram.  Now know that it will be coming with a new Falcon figure. Winter Soldier/Falcon 2-pack also has a street date of 6/1/2018 but is only $39.99.



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