Does New Funko Avengers: Infinity War POP! Confirm Cut Scene?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

One of the more disappointing scenes in Avengers: Infinity War was the fact that Bruce Banner piloted the Hulkbuster, but never actually hulked out in it.   Him raging and hulking out of the suit is what fans were looking forward to.  The fact that this could happen was no surprise.  It was spoiled a while back when a Hasbro play set was revealed.  Now Funko has a new POP! coming out showing the same thing.  So was Bruce really suppose to hulk out and it got cut for whatever reason?  Seems like a pretty bad A scene to cut so I’m sure there is very good reason. One that I’m sure we will find out later.  The Hulkbuster POP! is a Gamestop exclusive that goes on sale May 4th.  It is up on their site but not available yet,  so be sure to keep checking back as he will probably go quick.

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