Avengers: Infinity War

Join Thanos on His Quest to Obtain the Infinity Stones with New Lego Sets

While on my routine trip to Target, I noticed the new Avengers: Infinity Wars sets.  The sets let you acquire all the Infinity Stones to create Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. If you look at the Gauntlet on the Thanos minifigure, he’s already acquired the Reality stone.

I know this sways from the movie, but not a huge issue for me.  Also, not all sets represent the scene where they were obtained.  This is probably Lego’s way of avoiding spoilers for the 16 people who still haven’t seen the movie yet.   (more…)

Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Legends Wave 2 In Package Photos

In package promo photos of the second wave of the Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Legends figures started marking the rounds online this week. By now, most collectors have acquired the first wave and built Thanos. The BAF in this wave is Cull Obsidian. No word on when these will be released or go up for pre-order. With the movie being released just a few weeks away, we would imagine it’s coming soon.  It also looks unlikely that Ant-Man & The Wasp will be getting their own wave, since they are included in this one.

You can check out the whole wave below.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters April 27th. Tickets are on sale now. (more…)

Some More Avengers: Infinity Wars 5 1/2-inch Hero Vision Figures

Some more images of the 5 1/2 Hasbro Avengers: Infinity War Hero Vision series are popping up online.  No clue when these will be available but one would assume they would be around the $9.99 price point.  Check out the figures below and also be sure to check out the previous released figures in this series. (more…)

Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Legends Promo Photos

Hasbro just released their official photos of their upcoming Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Legends figures.  Some of these are old and some are new but we have the wave breakdowns below.  Also, notice anything funny about Thor’s face?  This very well could have been in development before Ragnarok and they didnt have time to rework it.  The first wave is already starting to trickle into the states.