Playmobil at NYCC

Playmobil has been coming to NYCC the past few years and have always brought some pretty cool reveal, and this year was no exception. They revealed not one, but two new licenses. It looks like fans will be excited to hear that Scooby Doo and Back to the Future will be joining the Playmobil family.

Now let me see if I remember the details correct. The Scooby Doo sets are due January 2020 and we have to wait until May for the Back to the Future sets. The vehicle sets will retail around $40-$50. The regular sized 50’s Doc and Marty will be a 2-pack and the larger ones individually packaged. Shaggy, Scooby and the Ghost will be one set while the random figures will be the first series of blind bags. Oh yea, the wheels on the Delorean flip for hover mode. Being a huge Back to the Future fan and playing with Playmobil as a kid those will be must haves for me.

You can expect them at usual Playmobil brick and mortar retailers as well as their site online.

You can check out some of the pictures we got of their debut at NYCC.


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