Darkwing Duck

Funko Brings Us Action Figures from Disney Afternoon Cartoons

Funko’s latest action figures feature some characters from The Disney Afternoon Collection, and we couldn’t be happier.

These were the cartoons I remember watching after school while attempting to do homework.

The first series from the Disney Afternoon Collection includes the pair of mischievous chipmunks, Chip and Dale, from Rescue Rangers.  I always thought Zipper was Monterey Jack’s boy but it looks like he is coming with Dale.  Also in the series, the richest duck in the world,
Scrooge McDuck and the fun-loving Baloo.


Pre-Order Now: Darkwing Duck POPS!

I loved Disney afternoon cartoons growing up.  The terror that flaps in the night, Darkwing Duck!  He is now joining the Funko family!
In addition, his sidekick Launchpad McQuack and daughter Gosalyn Mallard are receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment!

“Let’s get dangerous!” 

Coming this Summer! (more…)