Spoilers: Disney Treasures Snowflake Mountain POP!

A few days back, Funko teased the POP! in their upcoming Disney Treasures Box. If you want this box act fast. The box closes Dec 1 and their Disney boxes usually do sell out. As always, spoilers ahead.


Funko Brings Us Action Figures from Disney Afternoon Cartoons

Funko’s latest action figures feature some characters from The Disney Afternoon Collection, and we couldn’t be happier.

These were the cartoons I remember watching after school while attempting to do homework.

The first series from the Disney Afternoon Collection includes the pair of mischievous chipmunks, Chip and Dale, from Rescue Rangers.  I always thought Zipper was Monterey Jack’s boy but it looks like he is coming with Dale.  Also in the series, the richest duck in the world,
Scrooge McDuck and the fun-loving Baloo.

Unboxed: Funko Disney Treasures Haunted Forest Box

If you want to remain surprised you know the drill, spoilers ahead.  Funko posted their unboxing video of this month’s Disney Treasures box, Huanted Forest.  Unfortunately, if you missed it, it’s sold out.   There are some pretty cool items in this box so check out all the screen grabs below.  They also revealed the next box’s theme, Snowflake Mountain.

Spoilers ahead….

Spoilers: Disney Treasures Tiny Town Box

From D23, Funko did what I believe is their first live unboxing.  They did a second unboxing video for those not in attendance.   They teased the Tinker Bell. What I didn’t know is that her wand and wings glow in the dark. Read on to check out the rest of the items in the box.

More Star Wars: Force of Destiny Figures Revealed

We just did a post on Disney and Lucasfilm’s announcement of Star Wars: Force of Destiny, and now we have more pictures of the new action figures based on the series.   Jedi Temple Archives shared images from the floor, giving us a look at the new additions, Luke and Yoda from Empire Strikes Back and Princess Liea and Wicket for Return of the Jedi. (more…)