Spoilers: Smuggler’s Bounty Droid Box

Funko is at Disneys D23 Expo this weekend and did a couple of umboxings.  One of those was the Smuggler’s Bounty Droid box.  They also revealed that the next box’s theme will be Jedi.  One POP! Was already revealed for this box but read on to see the rest of the box. 

Smugglers Bounty DROIDS POP! Revealed 

This POP! is actually pretty sweet.  Glad I get this box when they deliver POPS! like this.  

DROIDS officially closes on July 15th, but just in case you hadn’t quite made up your mind about reserving this box, we’ve got something to help nudge you along.
Scroll on down IF you’re ready to see one of the figures included in the DROIDS box.

This Exclusive Pop! is only available to Smuggler’s Bounty subscribers.

Unboxed: Smuggler’s Bounty 40th Anniversary A New Hope Box

The POP! For this box was already revealed, but you can check out the rest of the contents on Funko’s unboxong video.  You can check out all the spoilers below.    The next box’s theme is Droids and you can order it here if you are not already a subscriber.