King Arts International Limited 1/9th Scale Hulkbuster


This is the Hulkbuster that will actually hold your 1/9 scale Iron Man.  King Arts International Limited released images of its Hulkbuster from Avengers: Age of Ultron and it looks like it will only set you back around $650.  I know, for that price it’s a no brainer to pay $190 to get the 1/9 scale Iron Man figure to fit inside.  I know it would drive me nuts paying all that money and have it feel “empty” inside.

They can be pre-ordered at BigBadToyStore.

Check out the images below.

10550909_1019398448092820_5521628819086362686_n 11351136_1019398424759489_6103078425415565816_n 11392779_1019398388092826_8793503569261258786_n 11246018_1019398358092829_8881508849381154720_n 11393236_1019398324759499_2807015694776357609_n 11205050_1019398311426167_2654426185010478493_n 11351242_1019398271426171_5896636087440103802_n 11143312_1019398261426172_1548816577699329582_n 11221710_1019398208092844_372070946121363758_n 11201188_1019398184759513_4295622909089103272_n 549223_1019398161426182_8896383029137245732_n 11261813_1019398141426184_974725102196252329_n 11377199_1019397884759543_7280845119543712500_n 11390268_1019397991426199_8342196570516777754_n 11377396_1019398011426197_3667112863014975585_n 11391106_1019398031426195_409446140741354773_n

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