Big Bang Theory Living Room Lego Set with Minifigures


I have to admit a secrect.  I am a stay at home father of four and this past Friday was this first day of summer.  Unfortunately also being diagnosed human meant I needed a break after this weekend.  So, here I am again playing catch up.  But it is always worth it, right?  Here we go.

Lego unveiled images of their new fan design creation the Big Ban Theory Living Room Lego Set with Minifigures.  I am pretty sure this is the third “fan design” following the BTTF DeLorean and Ghostbusters Ecto-1.



Designed by two LEGO fan designers—Alatariel from Sweden and Glen Bricker from the USA—the set comes bundled with seven BBT minifigures: Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette.  The set goes on sale and is expected to run around $59.99.

tbbt_sheldon_rgb tbbt_raj_rgb tbbt_penny_rgb tbbt_leonard_rgb tbbt_howie_rgb

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