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Party City to open 50 pop-up toy stores alongside Halloween City after death of Toys R Us

With Toys R Us just literally days away from closing forever, retailers and investment firms are figuring out how to fill the void in the market.  Well it seems Party City might have an idea.  According to USA Today, Party City plans to open about 50 temporary toy shops for the holiday season.

“The Elmsford, New York-based party goods retailer plans to locate temporary Toy City stores alongside its seasonal Halloween City stores. The stores will open in early September and stay open through the end of the traditional holiday shopping period.

The pop-up shop strategy aims to capitalize on the period during which toy sales are most lucrative. The company said the list of locations hasn’t been finalized.

With Halloween City and Toy City under one roof, the stores will average 12,000 square feet, Chief Financial Officer Dan Sullivan said in an interview.

About two-thirds of the floor space will be devoted to Halloween City until the spooky holiday is over. After Halloween, most of the space will gradually transition to Toy City for the rest of the holiday season. Workers will staff the entire shop.”

You can read the whole article from USA Today here. (more…)


Deadpool 2 Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

This bad boy went up for pre-order today and he looks amazing.  The sequel is definitely better than the original in this case.

Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed Merc is back! The red-suited mercenary otherwise known as Wade Wilson is battling time traveler Cable, to protect a fire-wielding mutant youth, while assembling some fellow mutants he calls X-Force, an offshoot of the X-Men. 

To celebrate Deadpool 2, Sideshow and Hot Toys are thrilled to bring you the new Deadpool Sixth Scale Collectible figure. (more…)

Toys R Us Liquidation Sale 30%-50% Store wide

Toys R Us tweeted an update about their liquidation sale currently going one.  Now might be your last chance to snag those big ticket items you’ve been waiting on.


All The Details For 7-Eleven’s Deadpool 2 Marketing Campaign

7-Eleven released the official details on their Deadpool 2 marketing campaign.  There are plenty of Deadpool branded food and beverage items in addition to the straws and cups we already know about.  In addition there is a new AR  in-store experience that literally brings Deadpool into the store, exciting fans with new surprise activities each week

Here is their whole press release:

To celebrate the new movie, DEADPOOL 2, in theaters May 18, everyone’s favorite Merc with a mouth, has made his mark (literally) at 7-Eleven® stores nationwide. 7-Eleven has launched exclusive Deadpool themed products, sweepstakes promotions, and its first ever augmented reality (AR) in-store experience that literally brings Deadpool into the store, exciting fans with new surprise activities each week. All AR activities can be accessed through the 7-Eleven mobile app.



Deadpool 7-Eleven Slurpee Straws Really Suck

If you love Slurpees as much as I do, you probably have noticed the new Deadpool straws 7-eleven has for sale. With my Slurpee addiction it didn’t take me long to collect all four. Now it’s time the get the kids a set. I have four kids who don’t like to share so do the math. Unfortunately, they aren’t included with the Slurpee and are a whopping $1.99 each. (more…)