Hot Off the Truck: Back to the Future Hotwheels Elite 1:18 Scale Delorean


It’s 2015, the year of the DeLorean.  We finally made it to 2015 and unfortunately we aren’t flying around in cars.  However, we do have drones and flat screens, so they got a few things right.  Hot wheels Elite commemorates the iconic film with the beautiful 1:18 scale DeLorean.  And it comes with its very own Hoverboard!

If you are not familiar, Hotwheels Elite is their “upscale collector” brand.  They come in 1:43 and 1:18 scale.  Their  Cult Collection is something worth checking out.  Hot Wheels Elite cars include synthetic rubber tires; authentic graphics and livery; high-quality exterior paint finishes; numerous photo-etched parts and, for the 1:18 scale, moving steering wheels; working wheels; seat belts; and opening doors, trunk and hood to reveal fully detailed engines and interiors.

The Hotwheels Elite DeLorean captures every detail of the movie down to perfection.  All the way down to Mr. Fusion.  I am huge fan of the Trilogy, and have this as part of my collection, so call me bias.  Just a heads up, it is modeled off of the DeLorean from Back to the Future II, but unfortunately the wheels do not fold into the flight position like this light up die-cast (which is also part of my collection).

Check out the pictures and order here while they’re still in stock.  You never know with Hotwheels Elite when they will be around again.

MTBCJ97lg Delorean1 Delorean2 Delorean3 Delorean4 Delorean5 Delorean6 Delorean_box


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All Hotwheels Elite






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