Pre-Order Now: Batman TAS Mad Love Joker & Harley 2nd Edition Figure 2-Pack


Out family recently joined the cable cutter movement and our kids don’t even know the difference.  The upside is they have now been exposed to a whole new world of classic cartoons they had never seen before.  It’s great to sit down and share a part of my childhood with them by watching Batman: The Animated Series.  My son already wants to binge watch the series like a grown ass man.  I assured him that there would be plenty of rainy days to enjoy the show and to go outside.  I also assured him that he will be able to recreate the show anytime with DC’s awesome animated series action figure line.

Looks like DC Collectibles is doubling down on The Animated Series: Mad Love by offering a second edition of their resident love birds.  The first edition, due out this December, features the Joker in a classic black and white tux with Harley sporting her staple black and red get-up.  As with all sequels, they kicked things up the second time around.  The second edition features The Joker in his usual purple clown suit but Harley decides to spice things up in an eye-catching nighty.  I hope you can sleep until March 2016.

Only downside is if you get both editions you will be stuck with the same paperback edition on Mad Love.  Darn.

MadLove2Pk1st TASMadLove2Pk

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