Batman: The Animated Series

Coming Soon: Batman The Animated Series POP! Vinyl Figures


Bruce Timm’s iconic designs come to life as Pop! Vinyl figures. Based on Batman: The Animated Series, these figures have the iconic look from the memorable 1990s cartoon series. All are up for pre-order now, slated for a January 2017 release. (more…)

DC Collectibles SDCC Toy Preview

Toyark was lucky enough to get these images from twitter user @Blanka1212.  Thanks to them we have a few screen grabs of DC Collectibles SDCC reveals.  They are taken from a video marked “private” and include all to the items that will be on display. (more…)

Pre-Order Now: Batman TAS Mad Love Joker & Harley 2nd Edition Figure 2-Pack


Out family recently joined the cable cutter movement and our kids don’t even know the difference.  The upside is they have now been exposed to a whole new world of classic cartoons they had never seen before.  It’s great to sit down and share a part of my childhood with them by watching Batman: The Animated Series. (more…)