Early Access to the New Lego Temple of Airjitzu!


Great news for Lego VIPs and Ninjago fans.  From now until August 31 the new Temple of Airjitzu is available online and in Lego Stores.  If you are not a VIP you might as well sign up.  The program is free to join and it will give you a chance at exclusives like this.  The village features the Temple of Airjitzu, Blacksmith’s workshop and Smugglers’ Market connected by paths, steps and bridge with 2 stone-style dragons on either side, plus a statue of Sensei Yang and grass stalk elements.  It also comes with 12 minifigures with assorted weapons: Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Wu, Misako, Dareth, Postman, Jesper and Claire.

Temple of Airjitzu $119.99

lego-70751-Temple-of-Airjitzu-ninjago-5 tumblr_nr7i9t3ajK1rir6lho2_1280 agag LEGO-Ninjago-70751-Temple-of-Airjitzu-Back-Box-Image-High-Resolution


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