Inside the Toy Box: Issue Two


Inside the Toy Box sums up the past weeks toy news, top sellers, trends, pre-orders and any other great happenings in the world of toys and pop culture.

This week’s focus seemed to be all about Star Wars.  We had some action figures purchased in the wild, some toy photos leaked as well as the monster leak of Luke Skywalker on set.  Lego officially released imaged and prices for its The Force Awakens sets.  We also got an unofficial look at Funko’s POP vinyl figures.  We also got the full list of Walgreens Exclusive Star Wars POPS!.  Word on the street is there will be plenty of Boba Fett.  The Imperial Guard should be your main focus as he is already selling out abroad.

While on the subject, some great pre-orders went up for Napoleon Dynamite, Crimson Peak and new Nightmare Before Christmas POPS!.  The Pumpkin King looks like a nice addition.

We finally get some long over due Pulp Fiction action figures.  These figures are for the adult collector as they spew some of the classic line from the movie, F-bombs and all.  I personally can’t wait.  The initial series of 13 inch characters include Butch Coolidge, Jimmy Dimmick, Jules Winfield, and Vincent Vega.

IMG_2101 IMG_2102

Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 3 has been spotted in the wild.  This is the wave with the highly anticipated Hulkbuster BAF.  Most retailers still don’t have them in stock but save the time and pre-order the set here.  Check out all the Marvel Legends here.  These Lady Deadpool and Magik statues will make a nice addition to your work desk.


Moving to DC, a new The Dark Knight Rises Batman action figure from Medicom went up for pre-order. It joins Selina Kyle and the Joker, which are already in stock.  While on the topic of Batman, the newest additions to Batman: The Animated Series announced a couple months back went up for pre-order.  The new additions include Commissioner Gordon, Ra’s Al Ghul, and Zatanna.

Another sweet Rambo figure from NECA snuck off the truck this week.  Look for his First Blood figure, its equally as awesome. For Star Trek and Reaction fans the Beaming Kirk and Spock EE Exclusives are also in stock.



In addition to Star Wars, Mystery Inc joins the Lego bunch.  I am sure I am not the only one wanting to add the Mystery Machine to their cult classic vehicle collection.  These are due to arrive in Lego stores Sept 1.


Some of the daily sales for Entertainment Earth this week:

Tuesday August 18: Cookie Jars! 20% off!

Wednesday August 19: 20% off select anime statues!

Thursday August 20: 20% off Big Bang Theory 8-Inch action figures!

Friday August 21: 35% off Spider-Man Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figures

Saturday August 22: Avatar Neytiri 22-Inch Tonner Doll is 40% off!

See you next time.  Until then, remember to always think outside the toy box.


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