Unboxed: Villians 2 August Lootcrate


I have been ordering Lootcrate for almost a year now.  I used to be one of the first to get their crates but the last two months though, it seems I’m dead last.  I have emailed them and they reassured me that it is nothing personal.  So, since I am the last again I don’t see the need to do an unboxing video.  I am just going to steal the one from out buddies over at comicsheatingup.net.  You can check it out below.  Shipping issues aside, I have been pleased with the last two crates.  If the Villains 2 crate seemed “light” compared to previous crates, it was.  I hope the rest of the crates follow the trend and we start to get fewer good quality items rather than one good item and a bunch of “fluff”.  Not to mention that a lot of the items are actually functional like the apron and mug.  I got Carnage as you can tell in the picture below.  Next months themes hasn’t been announced yet but you can sign up here for next month’s crate.  Use promo code save3 for $3 off at check out.



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