October Lootcrate “Time” Unboxing

Our friend Anthony over at always gets his box first so check it out. You can get your very own lootcrate here. This is by far one of my favorite boxes.


Joe got home just in time from his hot dinner date to help me make October’s Loot Crate Unboxing Video.

This crate was a good one, check it out.

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BLINDBOX Subscription Box; Funded and Moving to Stretch Goals


Like I said previously, I have been MIA the past week but I am back and playing a little catch up.  Out friends over at gave us an update earlier this week on a brand new comic subscription box.  In case you are wondering what this new comic subscription box is all about here it is from the man himself. (more…)

Unboxed: Villians 2 August Lootcrate


I have been ordering Lootcrate for almost a year now.  I used to be one of the first to get their crates but the last two months though, it seems I’m dead last.  I have emailed them and they reassured me that it is nothing personal.  So, since I am the last again I don’t see the need to do an unboxing video.  I am just going to steal the one from out buddies over at (more…)

DC Debuts New Commercial for “Batman: The Animated Series” as well as a new wave of action figures

San Diego Comic Con has breaking news coming out every second so keeping up is a wasted effort.  Already big news for fans of the Animated Series.  Entertainment Weekly and DC announced the a new line of action figures for Batman: The Animated Series.   (more…)

Hot Pre-Order: “Batman v Superman…” Statues from DC Collectibles.



Of course with comic con kicking off in San Diego everyone’s feeds from everywhere are going to be on overload.  Mine is no different.  I am just going to stop tracking prices on eBay and Amazon, we all know that is a fool’s game.  However, these statues did catch my eye and are worth taking a look at for one reason.  They are also up for pre-order! (more…)