Unboxed: Funko Tees


Funko Tees went on sale exclusively at Hot Topic this past week.  I was at the mall doing some back to school shopping and was fortunate enough to sneak off and pick a couple up.  Hot Topic was having a buy one, get one 1/2 off so I went ahead and picked up two.  They had a pretty good selection so settling on two was tough.  Actually, I knew which two I wanted, I just “googled” the rest on eBay to see if some were hotter than others.  If you read any of my previous post you already knew I was gunning for Skeletor.  It was a good thing too as there was only one left and it was actually a large.  Usually the last one left is an XS or XXXXL.  The second I picked was Star Wars because I love Star Wars and I have a feeling next Friday they will be hard to find.  There are a few different Star Wars ones out there but the only one they had was A New Hope, #25.  Another side note there are girl and guy sizes shirts so look close at the box.



We all know what happens when things become hard to find.  You get knock offs and it looks like some are already out on eBay so you have been warned.  Don’t buy anything thats not pictured in the box and if the price is too good to be true, it is.

If you shop online don’t forget you use the promo code SCHOOL at check out for 20%-30% off.

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