Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3 3/4-inch Black Series Wal-mart Exclusive


In case you were wondering where 3 3/4-inch EPVII Black Series are, they are only at Walmart.  I believe there are only three in the set and I found a whole set still on the shelf as well as an extra Chewie and Luke.  I also like how they fancied up the packaging to match the larger Black Series.  There are no 3 3/4-inch Black Series for EVPII yet.  The only 3 3/4-inch figures for The Force Awakens are the Jungle & Space and Snow & Desert 5-POA (points of articulation) series.  The 3 3/4-inch Black Series look to have 13-POA.  The only down side is they have to pay for the fancy package by upping the price a little ($12.93).  I am all for the new packaging as it makes displaying them in the box easier and it’s still not a bad price for the figure.  If you don’t have any luck on the pegs you check them out below.




While we are on the topic Walmart exclusives, the Sandtrooper and Dewback POP! is sold out online.  There were a ton at my local Walmart so don’t panic and jump on eBay yet.

Star Wars EPVI Black Series 3.75″ Luke Skywalker


Star Wars EPV Black Series 3.75″ Darth Vader


Star Wars EPIV Black Series 3.75″ Chewbacca



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