Darth Vader

Star Wars SDCC 2018 Exclusive 3.75-Inch Doctor Aphra Comic Set

It looks like the first Hasbro exclusive for this SDCC has been revealed.  They will be offering a Star Wars – Doctor Aphra 3.75″ Scale Special Figure Comic 3-Pack. The set includes Doctor Aphra (who will get a stand alone release), BT-1, and 0-0-0. I knew these were going to become fan favorites when they debuted in Marvel’s Darth Vader comic series a few years back.  With all the stand alone films planned, I am not the only one hoping she makes her way to the big screen.  In case you were wondering, they made their first appearance in Darth Vader #3 (2015).

The set will come in vintage card back packaging and will cost $50.  You can check out more images from i09 below.   (more…)

Nerdist Gives Us an Exclusive Look at STAR WARS Elite Series Figures for D23

Nerdist revealed some nice looking figures that are going to available at the D23 Expo this weekend.  So if you plan on going, be on the look out.  For those not attending, I am sure some will pop up on eBay and other secondary sales sites.  But with a run limited to 1000 and considering they will retail for around $80, the price might not be what you are willing to pay.  Call me old school but I also like that more and more figures are getting the retro real clothes treatment.  You can check out all the details from the Nerdist below.

From Nerdist:

Good versus evil: the eternal fight is lore ingrained in Star Wars storytelling. If you can’t decide whether or not to join the dark side, it’s best to have your action figures battle it out. To help you recreate iconic dark versus light showdowns for yourself, Disney Store is releasing packaged heroes and villains together in one perfect set. (more…)

Unboxed: Smuggler’s Bounty Rogue One Box


I have been crazy busy with family and work, so I haven’t been doing as many posts as I would like.  While I was gone my Rogue One box arrived in the mail.  The POPS! are no secret but there were still a couple of surprises left.  The two POPS! are Jyn Erso and an Imperial Death Trooper.   (more…)

2016 Star Wars Black Series SDCC & Celebration Exclusives


Entertainment Weekly had the exclusive reveal of this year’s Star Wars Black Series SDCC and Celebration exclusives.  You can expect to pick up Old Ben Kenobi at SDCC and Kylo Ren at Star Wars Celebration.  The details of the exclusives are below, but I have a feeling Ben Kenobi will be re-release in an upcoming retail wave.  Just like Boba Fett was without the Carbonate, The First Order Stormtrooper, ect.  There are plenty of Kylo Rens out there so I really don’t see this one getting another release.

From EW.com: (more…)