Think Outside the Toy Box: Flippin’ Starships


Think Outside the Toy Box is a segment that does just that.  It asks us to think outside the toy box to get our collectibles lower than retail or to make a quick flip for cash.

We all know everything EPVII will be highly sought after.  While I was on my weekly Target run I got to check out the toy aisle for the first time since the Force Friday dust settled.  There is definitely plenty of stuff still to be had.  Mostly the 12-in Titan Series and Mashers and a few other remote oddities are left.  There is also a few Hot-wheels and MicroMachines left as well.  Action figures of 3 3/4 inch scale were scarce and 6 inch Black Series was extinct.  Hot-wheels has a Target exclusive that gives you all of the EPVII and Rebels hero and villain starships from wave 1 as well as a gold Millennium Falcon and Slave 1 that is only available in this set.

17132379      17132379_Alt01

I saw this guy on the shelf and left it.  I am wondering if that was a mistake.  I see people already asking $100-$125 for it.  Now if they get it is another story.

I loved MicoMachines as a kid so I am glad to see them making a come back.  I am not the only one as the Star Wars MicroMachine 3-packs are going for triple retail.  The first wave has some for previous Star Wars episodes/franchises beside The Force Awakens.  All the sets are doing well, but the Force Awakens ones are doing the best.  Here is the case breakdown:

2x Star Wars The Force Awakens Micro Machines 3-Pack The First Order Attacks -Poe’s X-Wing Fighter, First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter, First Order Star Destroyer
2x Star Wars The Force Awakens Micro Machines 3-Pack Desert Invasion – Luggabeast, Resistance X-Wing Fighter, Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle
2x Star Wars The Force Awakens Micro Machines 3-Pack First Order TIE Fighter Attack – Millennium Falcon, First Order TIE Fighter, Crashed First Order TIE Fighter
1x Star Wars The Force Awakens Micro Machines 3-Pack Speeder Chase – Jakku Landspeeder, First Order Transporter, Rey’s Speeder
1x Return of the Jedi Micro Machines 3-Pack Endor Forest Battle – AT-ST, Luke Skywalker’s Speeder Bike, Imperial Speeder Bike
1x The Empire Strikes Back Micro Machines 3-Pack Battle of Hoth – Snowspeeder, AT-AT Imperial Walker, Probe Droid
1x A New Hope Micro Machines 3-Pack Imperial Pursuit – Tantive IV, Star Destroyer, TIE Fighter
1x Star Wars Rebels Micro Machines 3-Pack The Inquisitor’s Hunt – Phantom, Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced, Ghost
1x Attack of the Clones Micro Machines 3-Pack Clone Army Raid – Republic Gunship, Jedi Starfighter, Jango Fett’s Slave I

These sets are retailing for only $4.99 at Target and Wal-mart so grab them quick and make a few bucks before the market floods.  Remember what they say, first to market wins.







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