Inside the Toy Box: Issue Eight


Inside the Toy Box sums up the past week’s toy news, top sellers, trends, pre-orders and any other great happenings in the world of toys and pop culture.

I missed a week so we are going to do a two for one deal this time.  We posted all the goodies Funko is planning on bringing to NYCC this year.  In case you missed them, check out wave one, two, three, four and the final reveal before heading out to the Big Apple.  I can’t make it, so if someone could grab me the Captain Phasma Tee that would be great.  Remember, Hot Topic is your only one stop shop for Funko Tees.   Remember to use promo code HEYAUTUMN for 20% off.  Speaking of Funko a lot of new POPS! went up for pre-order.  Bob’s Burger, Hunger Games and my personal favorite, Saved By The Bell are all ready to make your wallet lighter.

Funko already has branched out into the apparel market with Tees and now after the success if their Tomorrowland Pins they are adding a few more to their line up.  Harley Quinn, Batman, Iron Man and Deadpool went up to name a few.


Loyal Subjects put up some new vinyls with Wave 2 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Even with a few duplicates this is a nice addition to wave 1. If you missed the SDCC Exclusives this year, the 4-pack, stealth 4-pack and battle damage 4-pack are all in stock.


Dorbz is getting into the horror genre with the addition of Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Hellraiser.


I am sure you are tired of hearing about vinyl figures by now.  Medicom put up a very cool second version of the Joker from The Dark Knight.  While you are at it grab Batman so he has someone to ollie over on his skateboard. (This is the actual Joker doing the tricks)


Switching over to Marvel, The Avengers: Age of Ultron dropped on DVD and Blue-ray this week.  There is still plenty of Age of Ultron merchandise still in stock for the up coming holidays.  The Hulkbuster bobblehead by Dragon Models looks likes it will make a great gift for Iron Man fans.  For those of you getting a holiday bonus, why not dump it on this sweet 1:9 scale Hulkbuster?


I guess if you are having a year like Clark Griswold you could always drown your sorrows with a glass of egg nog out of these Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs.

With Back to the Future day coming up on the 21st you might want to pick the Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures Limited Edition Box Set.   It will only available for a limited time and the collection includes a light-up Flux Compacitor packaging plus a 64-page book, “Back To The Future: A Visual History”.  With the rise of digital downloads, marketers are relying more and more on fancy packaging to move DVDs.  Remember the broken cowl in The Dark Knight Rises Box Set?  Be ready for the 21st and check out all things Back to the Future.


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