Pre-Order Now: Deadpool Marvel Legends Wave 1

Along with the Spider-Man Lizard Wave, Deadpool’s first wave of Marvel Legends is up for pre-order over at Entertainment Earth.  They are already being spotted on shelves in the Philippines and hopefully arriving state side soon.

Check out the case breakdown is below. (more…)

Advertisements Reveals NEW Deadpool Marvel Legends & Role Play Gear (EXCLUSIVE) has the exclusive reveal for part of the second wave of Deadpool Marvel Legends, as well as some new role playing gear.  Included in the second wave reveals are Omega Red, Lady Deadpool, and Deadpool in his custom X-Men outfit.  According to rumors online, the rest of this wave is Bishop, X-23 Wolverine, and another version of Deadpool.  Not sure what the BAF will be at this point either.  It looks like there will be a role playing mask and katanas coming as well.


NECA Ultimate Q Scale Deadpool

NECA revealed their latest Deadpool getting the 1/4 scale treatment. It is really just the original Deadpool with a ton of new unique accessories. This is a bummer for those who got the original. The only way you get the cool new items is by getting the figure again. The Ultimate edition also come with new head sculpts to lessen the hurt of buying a whole new figure. You can check out more over at their site.

Update: He is currently up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $115 free S&H.


Unboxed: Marvel Legends Back in Black Deadpool – GameStop Exclusive

On the way to the airport for my trip home I️ decided to kill some time and stop by GameStop. To my surprise there was not one, but two Back in Black Deadpool figures on the shelf. I️ grabbed one but had to wait until I️ got back to take some quick pics.

Overall he’s a great Deadpool figure to add to your Marvel Legends collection. Out of the package, you get an alternate venomized head, three extra hands, tentacles, and two purple katanas. You get great possibility with a few loose joints here and there. More on that later.
There are complaints that the alternate head doesn’t fit and the tentacles don’t hold anything. My vemomized head went on no problem, so there should be no worries there. As far as the tentacles holding the swords. While limited, there are a few different ways you can get them to stay in. One problem my particular figure has is a very loose right wrist on the sword grabbing hand. So loose, the only pose I️ could get was of him holding it above his head. ️

Another small gripe is there is nothing for him to put his katanas in. I understand the cost aspect but the hole in his back for his tentacles makes an easy swap.

Overall, it’s a great figure for the price. That said, he is currently on sale online and in stock.