Looks Like Funko Toys R Us Exclusives are Headed to Entertainment Earth

With all the Toys R Us stores currently going through liquidation sales, everyone was wondering what would happen to their yet to be released exclusives.  It looks like Funko’s exclusives will be heading over to Entertainment Earth.  A bunch of TRU exclusive POPS! went up for pre-order today.  You can check them all out here.

Another new specialty Rock Candy and Dorbz also went up today as well.   (more…)


Funko Scares Up Collectors With New Horror POPS! & Dorbz

Apologies for the sporadic posts and updates lately, the real job has been getting in the way a lot.  On a bright note, horror fans (like me) have a reason to be happy.   Funko is releasing more Horror POPS! and Dorbz later this summer.  The Shining is also getting some POP! Love this summer too.  They are all currently up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.   (more…)

Unboxed: Funko’s Disney Treasures Pirate Cove Box


Yoko and Hilary over at Funko released their latest unboxing video.  This time it is for their inaugural Disney Treasures box.  Their first them is Pirates’ Cove and there are not many secrets left to be revealed for this box.

They also announced a sign up extension for their Disney box.  They also revealed the rest of the year’s themes in the first box.  They just don’t tell you what order.  Read on for more updates and spoilers. (more…)

Coming Soon: Walmart Exclusive Black Flash Dorbz & Burton Batmobile Dorbz Ridez!

Be on the look out for Black Flash Dorbz and Burton-inspired Batmobile Dorbz Ridez headed to Walmart next month!  Although I do not actively collect Dorbz as I do POPS!, I will definitely be on the hunt for that Batmobile.  Tim Burton’s version is in my top 3 with the 1966 and Tumbler.  Batfleck’s mobile is a close fourth.

Headed to Walmart in April!

Pre-Order Now: Spider-Man : Homecoming POPS! & more


Funko showed these off at the You Fair last weekend and now they are up for pre-order.  I really love the Tony Stark POP!.  In case you missed it, it looks like Iron Man will be sporting some new armor.  Hopefully we will get a POP! version after the movie is released to go with the Dorbz and Plushie.  (more…)