NYCC: Hasbro Unveils New Star Wars EPVII 6-inch Black Series


Having to feed four kids is an expensive job so I am trying to enjoy this years NYCC from home and its tough.  I really wish I was there but my good friends Anthony and Kelly from are there to fill me in on all the awesomeness I am missing.  One of those things is some new Black Series figures from EPVII.  The new characters that Hasbro has officially unveiled are General Hux, First Order TIE Pilot, First Order Snowtrooper, Resistance Trooper, X-Wing Pilot Asty and another Han Solo.  In case you are not aware X-Wing Pilot Asty is a little tribute to the Beastie Boys.  His full name is Ello Asty, as in Hello Nasty.  (Listening to Intergalactic as we speak.)  The Han Solo from the famous trailor scene (and I am sure others), “Chewie, we’re home.”  The First Order TIE Fighter and Resistance Trooper in Wave 3 in November.   I am almost certain that all these will be in Wave 4 that is coming December.  We all know Luke and Leia are coming but they won’t be reveled until after the movie drops since there roles are still hush hush.

Wave 3

Finn Jakku
Rey Jakku & BB-8
Kylo Ren
First Order Stormtrooper
Resistance Trooper
First Order TIE Fighter Pilot

Wave 4 (guestimate, Pictures below)

General Hux
First Order TIE Fighter Pilot
First Order Snowtrooper
X-Wing Pilot Asty
Resistance Trooper
EPVII Han Solo

hasbro-sw5 hasbro-sw2 hasbro-sw3 hasbro-sw1 hasbro-sw4


More EPVII Black Series:

Star Wars: The Imerpial Forces Entertainment Earth Exclusive


Wave 1

Wave 2  (Captain Phasma, hard to find and hot on eBay right now)


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