Pre-Order Now: Home Alone 8-inch Retro Action Figure Set


I know I am going to age myself again with this post.  Few movies can stand the test of time and Home Alone is one of them.  It is hard to believe this year is the 25th Anniversary.  My children insist on watching it in the car on every road trip.  We also watch it, along with Christmas Vacation, every Christmas Eve.  This year it looks like it will be back in theaters too.  This year it also looks like the kids will have figures to play along with while watching the movie thanks to our friends over at NECA.   

When Kevin’s family left on their European vacation, they forgot one little detail: Kevin. Celebrate the classic Home Alone movie with this retro Home Alone 8-Inch Retro Action Figure Set that includes Kevin and would-be burglars, the Wet Bandits, Marv and Harry. They all come dressed in tailored fabric clothing similar to the iconic toy lines of the 1970s, and each figure features interchangeable heads sculpted in the actor’s likeness, as well as plenty of accessories. Kevin comes with alternate hands, a BB gun, zip-line handlebars, and a Little Nero’s pizza box; Harry includes a kaleidoscope, crowbar, and drawstring burglar sack; and Marv brings a snow globe, crowbar, and drawstring burglar sack.  These are going to be hot as these will be sought after by adult collectors and children alike.  Check out the images below and go ahead and get in line by pre-ordering here.


There is also a 25th Anniversary Box DVD box set, (or paint can) that would make the perfect Christmas gift.  Like I have said before, with the rise of digital downloads, studios are having to come up with creative box sets to move DVDs.


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