Carnage & Anti-Venom POPS! & Other Hot Topic Exclusives

Hot Topic got another wave of exclusive POPS! on the shelves over the past weekend.  I was at my local mall (with what seemed like everyone else on the planet) when I noticed the new additions.  Two of my favorites are Carnage and Anti-Venom.  These are already becoming hot commodities fetching around $20 ea and $40 for the pair.  Hot Topic also had some Comickaze and NYCC Exclusives as well.  Stan Lee and US Agent seem to be the fan favorites making for some good potential flips as well.  (Act fast, once word gets out the price will surely drop as everyone lists theirs.)  My local Hot Topic has buy three POPS! get the fourth free.  This allows you to get some nice additions for your collection for a great price.  They also had buy one POP! Tee get another $1 so I was able to scratch Deadpool off my list as well as grab Freddy vs Jason for my buddy Anthony over at  If you are too lazy to leave the house, most everything on their site is 20% off.


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