Stan Lee

Excelsior! Marvel Legends Stan Lee Build-A-Figure

Looks like we are finally getting a Stan Lee Marvel Legends figure. My guess is we would have seen one of these long ago, but likeness rights and licensing was the hold up on this one. You know Stan Lee is too cool to just have a wide release stand alone figure. He is a Build-A-Figure, so you’ll have to try a little for this one. It’s not quite a hard as regular BAF though. To complete Stan the Man you’ll only have to hunt down two 2-packs.


Funko 2016 SDCC Exclusives Wave 7

Funko is kicking the new week off by announcing their seventh wave of SDCC Exclusives.  It looks to be a good one, with Suicide Squad Batman, Pete’s Dragon, and some Game of Thrones.  Check out the full wave from their blog.  I need to add that Batman to my collection.


Carnage & Anti-Venom POPS! & Other Hot Topic Exclusives

Hot Topic got another wave of exclusive POPS! on the shelves over the past weekend.  I was at my local mall (with what seemed like everyone else on the planet) when I noticed the new additions.  Two of my favorites are Carnage and Anti-Venom.  These are already becoming hot commodities fetching around $20 ea and $40 for the pair.  Hot Topic also had some Comickaze and NYCC Exclusives as well. (more…)

Funko NYCC Exclusives: Wave Four


I know I am super late on this but was out of commission for a week so please forgive me.  You know the old saying, “Better late than never”.  I am really impressed with the Game of Thrones Throne  and I know fans of the show will be too.  I wear nothing but t-shirts so glad to see some POP! Tees coming to NYCC.  Everyone is all over Captain Phasma so that Tee will be hot for sure. (more…)