Hot Off the Truck – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys

I visit big box stores daily for various reasons and always walk down the toy aisle.  This past week I have noticed a new wave of action figures and vehicles for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  We are a less than two weeks away from release, so you can expect to see a lot of new things hitting the shelves.  Walmart has an exclusive blue and white Resistance X-Wing that runs around $50.  It appears that they are not available online but there was two on the shelf my last visit.  If your Walmart is sold out they are going for quite a bit on ebay, around $70-$80.

FullSizeRender-63 final

While doing some Christmas shopping at Toys R Us I noticed their exclusive TIE Fighter.  The exclusive is from the desert battle on Jakku and features some tan air brushing on the body and wings.  It retails for around $40, and there were plenty on the shelves so no need to pay eBay prices on this one.

IMG_3090 Desert-Damage-TIE-Fighter-2

These vehicles are for 3 3/4-inch figures and Walmart had plenty of wave 2 on the shelves.  This is wave 2 of the Jungle and Space series.  I noticed the Snow and Desert wave 2 out about a week prior.  These are bound to go quick with the movie and Christmas right around the corner.

Jungle & Space 3 3/4-inch Wave 2 breakdown:

2x PZ-4C0
2x Goss Toowers
2x Kylo Ren (winged pikes)
2x General Hux
2x Guavian Enforcer
2x The Inquisitor (Season 1 Star Wars Rebels)


Snow & Desert 3 3/4-inch Wave 2 breakdown:

2x Kanan Jarrus (Rebels)
2x Snowtrooper
2x Stormtrooper
2x X-Wing Pilot Asty
2x Sarco Plank
2x Ezra Bridger (Rebels)


Target had plenty of their Black Series exclusives on the shelves as well.  Entertainment Earth’s exclusive is also in stock just in time for Christmas and the movie.  I also saw wave 2 of the Black Series on the pegs.  Of course, no Captain Phasma to be found.  She continues to be the hot ticket but is slowly coming down in price.  There was also a revision to the Black Series wave 2.  It drops Finn and the Stormtrooper and gives your two Kylo Rens.  We also got images and breakdowns of Waves 3 and 4.

Black Series Wave 2 Revision 1 breakdown:

2x Kylo Ren
1x Captain Phasma
1x Poe Dameron
1x Guavian
1x Constable Zuvio

Black Series Wave 3 breakdown:

1x Finn (Jakku)
1x Rey & BB-8 (Jakku)
1x Kylo Ren
1x First Order Stormtrooper
1x Resistance Trooper
1x First Order TIE Fighter Pilot


Black Series Wave 4 breakdown:

1x Rey & BB-8 (Jakku)
1x Kylo Ren
1x First Order TIE Fighter Pilot
1x First Order Snowtrooper
1xFirst Order General Hux
1x X-Wing Pilot Asty



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