NEW Target Exclusive Bath Time Deadpool POP!


If you know me you know I love me some Deadpool.  So I was thrilled to hear of Target’s latest POP!, “bath time” Deadpool.  Word on the street is they will be out as soon as January.  We all know when they do, they won’t last long.  Deadpool will also be playing Cowboy, Pirate (Hot Topic), Chef, and will eventually show us his rubber chicken.  There is also a thumbs up X-Men variant (F.Y.E. exclusive) coming at some point too.  You can go ahead and pre-order the regular thumbs up Deadpool and Deadpool with his swords now.  Hopefully the whole line up is out in time for the movie.



12347739_1082666861766815_1417797934174621402_n-225x300 Screenshot_20151219-113724_2-300x300


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