Hot Topic ‘Mystery’ Deadpool Pops


Hot Topic announced over Periscope a few days back about their upcoming Mystery Deadpool POPS!.  They are due to arrive in stores on March 10th and will be available online shortly after that.  The set includes three colour variants of the original Deadpool Pop! representing characters from the current run of Deadpool comics; Green (Solo), Blue (Foolkiller) and Purple (Terror). There is a one in 8 chance of finding the purple Terror Pop!, so he will be slightly harder to find.  If you are not familiar, it will be similar to Black Friday with a box inside of a box so you don’t know which one you are getting.

9352_FoolKiller_Deadpool_GLAM-1024x713-300x209 9351_SOLO_Deadpool_GLAM-1024x713-300x209 9354_Terror_Deadpool_GLAM-1024x713-300x209

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