Star Wars: The Force Awakens Black Series Rey & BB-8 with Lightsaber Variant



I got my most recent shipment of Star Wars 6-inch Black Series, and I noticed something interesting.  Later waves shipping out with Rey and BB-8 now come with Luke’s lightsaber.  I received Wave 1 and 4 and both have the newer Rey variant.  There are obvious reasons that the lightsaber wasn’t included in early figures.  Even though a few figures from Wave 1 are still warming the pegs at retailers (sorry Finn and Constable Zuvio), Hasbro seems to still be banging them out.  Wave 4 was delayed and Wave 1 is probably on it’s last round of production, so this version will be the one to have.  Rey is already one of the more popular figures in the series so this version might not even be found at retailers.  Not to mention, big boxes are focusing on later waves and not re-order earlier waves since they still have some on the shelf or in distribution warehouses.  eBay sellers seem to already be asking more for the newer Rey.


Wave 4 also contains two versions of X-Wing Pilot Asty.  There is one with black straps and pistol in hand, the other not in hand and grey straps.



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