Mattel SDCC Exclusives: MOTU She-Ra


Mattel and Hasbro are the biggest players when it comes to SDCC exclusives, so it always seems like we are playing catch up with them.  Between them, they both own a bunch of brands and licenses.  They teased this one a while back, but finally revealed it back on May 29th.  It’s the MOTU She-Ra exclusive.  If you are lucky enough to attend she will set you back $75. From

Relive the glamorous, commanding adventures of She-Ra, Princess of Power with this 11” highly detailed action figure. The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe features 24 points of articulation, rooted hair, 3 iconic fashions (please note only 1 pair of gold boots is included), 2 swords, signature shield, 6 interchangeable hands, a logo stand, and a 12-page mini comic: “The Story of She-Ra!,” and a beautiful keepsake box with vivid imagery from the enchanting worlds of Etheria™ and Eternia! Wage epic battle with She-Ra against the Evil Horde for the honor of Grayskull.



DKB96_004_600px DKB96_009_600px

DKB96_002_600px DKB96_003_600px

DKB96_005_600px DKB96_0011_600px

DKB96_007_600px DKB96_008_600px   


DKB96_0013_600px DKB96_0014_600px
DKB96_0015_600px DKB96_0016_600px


DKB96_0023_600px DKB96_0024_600px
DKB96_0026_600px DKB96_0025_600px

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