Lego Officially Unveils Massive Disney Cinderella Castle Set


There were some leaks over the weekend, so Lego decided to go ahead and make it official today.  There revealed their Disney Cinderella Castle set, and it is huge.  With 4080 pieces, this will keep you and your kids busy for hours, if not days.  There are few details out there but it will come with a few minifigures, Donald, Daisy, Mickey, Minnie, and Tinkerbell.  They will differ from the Series 1 set of minifigures currently on shelves.  

We are guessing the set will set you back around $350-$400.  If will be available in stores and online September 1st.

Here are the details on the castle itself and the video at the bottom:

The five-story castle features a facade with a stone bridge, clock, wide arched entrance, ornate balconies, spired towers, plus a four-story main building and a five-story, golden-spired main tower, both containing rooms with assorted Disney-inspired features and elements.
Castle main building first floor features the main hall with large arched doorway, mosaic floor tiling, ornate chandelier, suits of armor, shield-decorated walls, grandfather clock, floor-standing vase with buildable flower elements, magic carpet and a golden lamp.
Castle main building second-floor room features buildable dark-blue curtains with curtain pole, ornate buildable candelabra and rose, and glass case elements.
Castle main building third-floor room features a chest with book of spells, mop and bucket elements, and access to the main tower second-floor room.
Castle main building fourth-floor bedroom features a detailed bed with decorative golden headboard elements.
Main tower first-floor kitchen features a large redbrick-patterned stove, workbench, buildable broom and pumpkin, plus pots, pans and assorted kitchen and food elements.
Main tower second-floor room includes a spinning wheel and access to the castle main building third-floor room.
Main tower third-floor room features a chest containing brush, scissor and lock of black hair elements, plus a balcony with 2 stud shooters for a firework-display function.
Main tower fourth-floor room features a golden mirror, plus red apple and glass vase elements.
Main tower fifth-floor room features a window bench and an arched window.
Also includes 2 frogs and a golden crown element.
Remove part of the roof section to discover the glass slipper element and fairy-tale book element with printed cover.

disney-cinderella11-625x995 disney-cinderella4-625x990 disney-cinderella2-625x243 disney-cinderella3-625x625 disney-cinderella5-625x625

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