Unboxed: Smuggler’s Bounty Rogue One Box


I have been crazy busy with family and work, so I haven’t been doing as many posts as I would like.  While I was gone my Rogue One box arrived in the mail.  The POPS! are no secret but there were still a couple of surprises left.  The two POPS! are Jyn Erso and an Imperial Death Trooper.  

The other items were a shirt and a new mini Darth Vader Hikari.  They were five different colors red, gold, blue, black, and clear.  They were just randomly put in so I don’t think one is more rare than the other.  The prices seem to be all over the place on eBay.  You can check out the screen grabs from Funko’s  video below.  The next box’s theme is Empire Strikes Back and I am really looking forward to the deluxe Han Solo and Tuamtaum POP!  They say supplies are limited so sign up sooner rather than later.

img_0896-1 img_0898 img_0900 img_0899 img_0901

Han Solo with Tuantuan POP!


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