Unboxed: Marvel Collector Corps X-Men Box


Funko just put up their X-Men unboxing video and this box could possibly be my favorite.  If you want to be surprised you know the drill.  I personally can not wait for my box to arrive.  Reminder, spoilers ahead.

They were teasing a new POP! Ride and they did not disappoint.  I am loving the Logan POP! and can’t wait to grab the other Logan POPS! coming out to go with it.  I am also a fan of the shirt.  I am glad to see them break away from the POP! norm and go a different route.  I also like the simplicity of the new shirt.  I plan on keeping everything in this box, sorry kids.  Check out the screen grabs and video below.  The next box’s theme is Super Hero Showdown and you have until February 15th to get your order in.

img_1115 img_1116 img_1117 img_1122 img_1118 img_1119 img_1123 img_1124


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