Unboxed: Marvel’s Collector Corp Superhero Showdown Box


Funko revealed the theme for April’s box as well as putting up their Superhero Showdown unboxing video.  As usual, there are spoilers ahead if you are the few you like to remain surprised.  These boxes are pretty predictable anyway.  

I am actually liking this box.  The shirt looks cool and I am really digging the POP! two pack.  You also get some pint size heroes as well as the usual patch and pin.  The comic is a little different as it is an actual picture on the cover and not a drawing.  You can check out all the screen grabs below.  The theme for April’s box is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  What else would it be?

You can sign up for April’s box here.

img_1593 img_1594 img_1595 img_1596 img_1598 img_1600 img_1601 img_1602

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