Marvel Collector Corps

Unboxed: Marvel’s Collector Corp Superhero Showdown Box


Funko revealed the theme for April’s box as well as putting up their Superhero Showdown unboxing video.  As usual, there are spoilers ahead if you are the few you like to remain surprised.  These boxes are pretty predictable anyway.   (more…)

Gamestop Exclusive: Black Friday Funko Mystery Box


Funko is teaming up with Gamestop for an exclusive mystery box going on sale Black Friday.  For only $20 a box the concept is much like Marvel Collector Corps or Star Wars’ Smuggler’s Bounty but with more options.  Each of the boxes will get you two ReAction figures, a POP! Keychain, a POP! Pin and one of five different limited POP! figures.  Available only within these boxes will be a Batgirl, Batman (1989 movie version), Blackest Night Superman, Fallout Power Armor or a color variant Claptrap. (more…)

Marvel Collector Corps Villains Unboxing

The video is short and sweet so enjoy.  Overall one of the weaker boxes so far from Marvel’s Collector Corp.  I guess when I heard “Villains” as the theme my expectations were high.  December’s box is Guardians of the Galaxy so hopefully they step up their game.  Also get in on the Star Wars subscription box if you haven’t already.  It looks like it closes in about 2 weeks for November delivery.  The first box is, of course, The Force Awakens.   (more…)