Sneak Peak of NECA Upcoming “Chainsaw 3” Leatherface Ahead of Toy Fair


Toy Fair is less than 24 hours away and as an exclusive sneak peak of NECA’s upcoming “Chainsaw 3” Leatherface.  I grew up on the great slasher/horror films and this one was looked over by many.  Check out the exclusive reveal from 

NECA has provided us with an awesome sneak peek ahead of Toy Fair 2017.

One of my personal favorite sequels, and one that I find to be highly underrated, is Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3. Director Jeff Burr’s 1990 film, preceded by one of the coolest teaser trailers ever, featured the most badass Leatherface of them all; played by R.A. Mihailoff, the third iteration of Leatherface was lean, mean, and holy shit did he have a cool chainsaw.

His mask was pretty badass too. Gnarly and nasty as can be.

Despite one being teased but never actually released, we have to date never gotten an action figure of Leatherface based on the franchise’s third installment, but today we’re happy to break the exciting news that that’s about to change. At Toy Fair this weekend, NECA will be showing off their retro-style Part 3 Leatherface figure, and we’ve got the exclusive first look for ya!

The clothed action figure stands 8″ tall and is fully poseable. True to the movie, the blade of his chainsaw is inscribed “The Saw Is Family” and he wears a leg brace. He’ll come in blister packaging with a resealable protective clamshell featuring new art from Jason Edmiston.

Check out the prototype (not final) below!

img_1590 img_1591

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