Funko 2017 New York Toy Fair Reveals



Funko didn’t waste any time revealing some of their upcoming products at the New York Toy Fair.  Some of my personal favorites are the 1966 Batman action figures and Batmobile.  They also gave us a look at a few of the Justice League POPS!.  On the Marvel side, the Spider-Man: Homecoming POPS! look really cool.

My kids are going to be excited for the Despicable Me 3 POPS! and, of course, Ill be getting the Ripley Rock Candy figure.

Funko also announce a comic book partnership with IDW bringing some of your favorite POPS! to comics, like Ghostbusters and X-Files.

Also, congratulations to Funko for winning Collectible of the Year from the Toy Industry Association.

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