2017 Toy Fair Reveals

NECA Toy Fair Reveals up for Pre-Order at Entertainment Earth


A bunch of NECA’s Toy Fair reveals have been popping up online the past few days and now they are up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.  I am definitely going to have to sell a kid or take out a second mortgage to acquire all the greatness.  I kid of course, one I already have on pre-order is the Batman vs Alien 2-pack.  It’s two of my favorite franchises smushed together, I can’t wait.  While not revealed at Toy Fair, Leonardo will be joining the gang soon.  I am going to have to get on the ball on this collection before Donnie and Raph start drying up.   (more…)

2017 Toy Fair: Star Wars 40th Anniversary Black Series Promotional Photos


When I saw X-Wing Pilot Luke revealed for the Star Wars Celebration I was hoping for more retro carded Black Series figures.  Over the weekend at the New York Toy Fair Hasbro had the latest figures in the 40th Anniversary Black Series.  Wave 1 is currently available at hasbrotoyshop.com.  We are not sure if the release date of the later wave.  There are also images of the latest 3.75″ figures and Darth Vader Centerpiece display.  There is also a  AT-ACT Driver Target exclusive to be on the look out for as well.  You can check out the promotional photos from Hasbro below. (more…)

Toy Fair 2017: Marvel Official Promotional Photos


I had a work dinner last night and family day today so I am just now getting around to going through some of the Toy Fair info.  Hasbro sent out promotional photos of some of their new revealed Marvel Legends figures.  We get some new 12″, 6″, and 3.75″ figures.  Of course, one of my personal favorites is the new 12″ Deadpool.  Check out all of the promotional images below. (more…)

2017 New York Toy Fair NECA Round Up


I know NECA is not even close to being done with their Toy Fair surprises but pictures and reactions are popping up all over social media.  Check your favorite online retailers later today as some of their new reveals are going up for pre-order today.  One of those is the Batman vs Alien vs Predator figures.  I love all the franchises involved so I can not wait to add these to the mix. (more…)

Order Now: Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Wave 1



These were revealed at the New York Toy Fair and now they are up for pre-order at hasbroshop.com.  The first wave includes Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi & R2-D2 all showing in stock and ready to ship.  You can grab X-Wing Pilot Luke at the up coming Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.  Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly revealed the 40th Anniversary Darth Vader Legacy Pack.  Other 40th Anniversary figures coming out are Sand People, Jawa, and Death Squad Commander.  All the figures will run you around $19.99, except Darth Vader which has a suggested retail price of $39.99