2017 New York Toy Fair NECA Round Up


I know NECA is not even close to being done with their Toy Fair surprises but pictures and reactions are popping up all over social media.  Check your favorite online retailers later today as some of their new reveals are going up for pre-order today.  One of those is the Batman vs Alien vs Predator figures.  I love all the franchises involved so I can not wait to add these to the mix.

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I also love seeing the 1/4 scale turtles together and the surprise addition to the baby versions.  Rumor has it those will be available as a set later.

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While we are on the topic of 1/4 scale, it looks like they are expanding their Marvel line up with Daredevil and Dr. Strange.  They also are giving us a Civil War Captain America that looks awesome.

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They also had their upcoming 1/4 scale T2 T-800 figure and it is amazing.  That one is currently up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

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Over on the horror side, in addition to the previous revealed Ash set, it look like we can expect a new Chucky retro figure and Mohawk Gremlin.  A couple of puppets were teased yesterday as well, Ashy Slashy from Ash vs Evil Dead and Freddy from Dream Warriors.


16640599_1378860305509684_338213124801398645_n 16807684_1378862028842845_1515262792692057892_n16807805_1378861988842849_5069010928153097976_n

This is what NECA had to say about their Alien: Covenant series:

Images of it are embargoed until the movie release date of May 19, 2017, but we can say that a horrifying new creature will be revealed… 

Here’s the list:
7” Scale Action Figure – New Creature
7” Scale Action Figure – Xenomorph
Deluxe Creature Accessory Pack
Body Knocker – New Creature
Head Knocker – New Creature
Scaler – New Creature

Some new Predator and Aliens figures were also on display.

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NECA is sure to keep us in the Holiday spirit by giving us some retro Christmas Story figures.  We also get another look at the hockey mask Clark Griswald.

toy-fair-2017-neca-display-066 toy-fair-2017-neca-display-059 toy-fair-2017-neca-display-060

I am pretty sure that NECA won the Toy Fair again this year.

Thanks for the cool guys over at cobrashadowjoes.com for all the twitter updates and the pictures.  If you want to stay up to date with all things Toy Fair give them a follow over on twitter.  Check out this tweet of one of NECA’s new display stands in action.



For more photos and run down head over to Toyark.com.  They have over 100 photos of the other great NECA reveals like Team Fortress 2, Hero of the Storm, Preacher and Rocky.  I know I forgot something, so forgive me.


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