Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Legends Package Images



MFCT Marvel、DC、星際大戰 情報&客製化 posted some images on Facebook of the Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Legends in package.  If you are wondering why the Vulture looks so naked, his wings are the BAF.  I would imagine that this wave will be popping up for pre-order at online retailers soon.  This wave is seven figures and Hasbro cases are eight, so we can expect a double in the case.  Word on the street it is the obvious guess of Spider-Man being the extra.  


16831967_1889245444687722_7926033708433949337_n 16998150_1889245668021033_3085663976312854788_n 16938511_1889245931354340_2501410268244420312_n 16939565_1889246021354331_2020960723333686076_n 16998981_1889245968021003_8942333636738659567_n 16831965_1889245634687703_1852302537300526399_n

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