New High Resolution Photos of Mezco Toyz New Previews Exclusives


About a week ago, Mezco Toyz surprised collectors with some new Previews Exclusive One:12 Collective figures.  At the time, all that was out there were some low resolution photos from online retailers.  Now it looks like Mezco Toyz put up some high resolution photos of their latest offerings. (more…)

Leaked list for the next Marvel Legends Spiderman series

Marvel Legends (Toyline) posted this pic on their Facebook page earlier today.  If you look at the bottom you will see the upcoming figures to the Spider-Man Marvel Legends series.  Not sure who the BAF will be, but I am personally looking forward to the last one on the list. (more…)

Pre-Order Now: Marvel Legends 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Wave 4


Lady Deadpool and the new Wolverine are almost here.  I am also glad to see Moon Knight getting more action figure love.  The rest of the wave contains Invincible Iron Man, Maestro, and Spider-Man UK.  The case comes with an extra Iron Man and Wolverine.  The Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr. Strange 2-packs are also in stock at Entertainment Earth.   (more…)

Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Legends Package Images



MFCT Marvel、DC、星際大戰 情報&客製化 posted some images on Facebook of the Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Legends in package.  If you are wondering why the Vulture looks so naked, his wings are the BAF.  I would imagine that this wave will be popping up for pre-order at online retailers soon.  This wave is seven figures and Hasbro cases are eight, so we can expect a double in the case.  Word on the street it is the obvious guess of Spider-Man being the extra.   (more…)