Funko Star Wars Celebration Exclusives Round 1

Funko reveled their first round of exclusives available at Star Wars Celebration.  I am really wanting Rey and her “fudgsicle” speeder.  It looks like we will have to wait until Thursdays for the rest of the reveals, so stay tuned.   Check it all out from their blog:

First of all, if you are attending the show, please make sure you enter the online lottery for a chance to win a ticket to access our booth!

Here is the first wave of our exclusives for Star Wars Celebration 2017!

Pop! Deluxe: Rey with Speeder

Pop!: Garindan (Empire Spy)

Pop!: Han Solo (Action Pose)

Pop!: Qui Gon Jinn (Holographic)

Pop!: Rebels – Chopper (Imperial Disguise)

Wobblers: Boba Fett (Proto Suit)

Check back Thursday for the rest of our reveals!

Shared exclusives will be announced April 12th.

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