Star Wars Celebration exclusives

Funko Star Wars Celebration Shared Exclusives

If you are like me, you missed your chance to snag these exclusives at Star Wars Celebration.  No need to worry, Funko just posted their shared excluves on their blog:

We have some good news for those of you who aren’t able to attend the show in person: every single one of these items is shared!!

Happy hunting!

LEGO Exclusive For Star Wars Celebration 2017 Revealed

When LEGO makes an exclusive for an event, it’s kind of a big deal.  Most of their SDCC and other exclusives fetch multiple times their purchase price on the secondary market.  This set looks to be no exception.  Based on the classic scene in A New Hope, Detention Block Rescue features Han Solo and Luke Skywalker disguised as Stormtroopers, attempting the daring rescue in the prison ward of the Death Star.

The set contains 220 pieces and will retail for $40, however it can only be obtained if you’re attending Star Wars Celebration and are selected to purchase via lottery.

There are limited quantities available, so LEGO will be highly selective with the lottery. (more…)

Funko Star Wars Celebration Exclusives Round 1

Funko reveled their first round of exclusives available at Star Wars Celebration.  I am really wanting Rey and her “fudgsicle” speeder.  It looks like we will have to wait until Thursdays for the rest of the reveals, so stay tuned.   Check it all out from their blog:

First of all, if you are attending the show, please make sure you enter the online lottery for a chance to win a ticket to access our booth!

Here is the first wave of our exclusives for Star Wars Celebration 2017! (more…)