Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Figures Revealed with Gladiator Hulk!

Hasbro announced today the first wave of Marvel Legends for  Thor: Ragnorok.  The set is expected to be released on August 1st 2017 (according to the recent Hasbro Marvel Brand Team Google Hang-Out Session). The individually packaged figures for the Galdiator Hulk BAF are Thor, Hela, and Loki.  Not pictured, buy previously revealed and also part of the individually-packaged Thor Ragnarok series are three comic-based figures: a reworked Ares figure, as well as Young Thor and Jane Foster Thor figures.

In addition to the single-packed figures, there’s going to be a Target exclusive Thor Ragnarok two-pack that doesn’t include any pieces of Hulk (sorry), but that does come with an exclusive Valkyrie movie figure and a variant of Gladiator Thor sans facepaint and helmet (but with a giant sword!).

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