Unboxed: Marvel Collector Corps Thor Ragnarok Box

Funko posted their latest unboxing video for their Thor Ragnarok box that just shipped.  As always there are spoilers ahead.I like how they are trying to offer a variety of different items rather than the same usual Funko product.  Over all I would say that this box is average, maybe even a little below.  I just think they tried too many new items all at once with the magnets, playing cards, and help me, fidget spinner.  

I like the beanie since its already snowing up here in the mountains.  

The POPS! are also kind of, meh.  They are really just variants versions of what is already out there.  

I just feel this box just had too many small items to make me feel I was getting good value.  I am not worried, they will make it up like always with their next box, which is Hulk.

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