Join Thanos on His Quest to Obtain the Infinity Stones with New Lego Sets

While on my routine trip to Target, I noticed the new Avengers: Infinity Wars sets.  The sets let you acquire all the Infinity Stones to create Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. If you look at the Gauntlet on the Thanos minifigure, he’s already acquired the Reality stone.

I know this sways from the movie, but not a huge issue for me.  Also, not all sets represent the scene where they were obtained.  This is probably Lego’s way of avoiding spoilers for the 16 people who still haven’t seen the movie yet.  

To get started, or course you’ll need Thanos.  He and his Gauntlet can be found in the Thanos: Ultimate Battle set (76107).

The set depicts the battle on Titan when Thanos arrives for the Time stone.

Now if we are staying in order, we go for the purple Power stone.  To do this, it looks like we have to join Thor on his weapon quest (76102). Another cool thing about this set is the escape pod attaches to the Milano from the previous set.

After the Power stone, you’ll have to join Cap and Black Widow deal the drop ship full of Outriders (76101).  Good news too, Lego added the extra legs to the Outriders.  The newer sets now come with 6 legs.  Will this make the lesser leg ones more sought after?

The next stone in our quest is the Soul stone.  It can be found in the in the Hulkbuster Smash Up set (76104).  One neat thing about this set is Bruce Banner fits in the cockpit of the Hulkbuster.

Now we have to head back to New York for the Time stone in the Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown (76108).  Yes, this scene happened first, but we’re going in the order he acquired them.  Besides, Thanos Ultimate Battle takes place on Titan, and Lego couldn’t double up.

Finally, for the Mind stone, we head to Wakanda for Corvus Glaive’s Thresher Attack (76103).  Once there you can dodge the Thresher and rip the Mind stone from Vision’s head.

Now all you have to do is snap your fingers, and throw half your minifigures in the garbage.  The Universe is now balanced.  I wonder if we are getting a Thanos farm set next.

By the way, it will run you $274.94 before tax (free shipping ) to acquire all the Infinity Stones.

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