Unboxed: NECA Ultimate Michael Myers

I was finally able to find NECA’s Ultimate Michael Myers at my local Target. Like everyone else, I was excited to see the Halloween license return to NECA, sort of. Looking at how great this Michael Myers came out people immediately started asking when they could expect Michael from other installments in the Halloween franchise. Well unfortunately they just have the license for the newly released 2018 Halloween movie, so we won’t be seeing those anytime soon.

The Ultimate Michael Myers comes in the usual window box that NECA’s Ultimate figures come in. Mine didn’t have the pumpkin sticker like I’ve seen others, but I’m not stressing over that. It still came with the pumpkin, and it lights up all the same.

Other accessories that you get are a couple of heads, chef knife, bloody hammer, fire poker, interchange hands and Judith Myers head stone. With all that there are plenty of display options.

This figure seems to be more articulated then other NECA figures. For instance, he has double jointed elbows to allow for great stabbing.

Over all this is another great figure. There really isn’t much to complain about with this one. The hands were a little hard to swap out, but that’s nothing a hair dryer won’t fix.

If you are having trouble finding him you can pre-order him over at Entertainment Earth. I would imagine he would be coming into stock there any day now

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